We have something new cooking up with Baker skateboards coming very soon, so we have to put ya'll up on game. Here's every major Baker video, in one place for your viewing pleasure:

Baker Bootleg (1998)

Before Baker was a brand, there was a bunch of homies filming hijinx. It just so happened that a few of these homies we're in 'The End' from Birdhouse Skateboards and there was leftover footage. One of the best homie videos of all time.

Baker 2G (2000)

Baker Bootleg was a hit, and the sequel was the beginning of a new chapter in skateboarding. Baker2G had more of a structured crew and was the beginning of the youth takeover, with introductions of Knox Godoy and Evan Hernandez. Dustin Dollin , Andrew Reynolds and Jim Greco would become household icons with help of this video. There's also a Mike Maldonado part and a Brad Hayes part which is sick as fuck.

Baker 3 (2005)

This is the video that let everyone know that Baker Skateboards is here and here to stay. Unarguably one of the most defining videos in our culture, Baker 3 is the fucking truth. Creating legends from Eric Ellington , Jeff Lenoce , Braydon Szafranski , Dustin Dollin , Theotis Beasley , Jim Greco , Bryan Herman and more. Then most importantly introducing new legends like Antwuan Dixon. If you've never seen Baker 3, you must.

Baker Has A Deathwish (2008)

Riding off the massive wave of Baker 3, Baker introduced a new sister brand called Deathwish Skateboards, adding Antwuan Dixon, Eric Ellington, Slash, Furby and more to the new squad. This one has an amazing Antwuan part, check it out.

Baker 4 (2019)

The new generation of Baker Skateboards, with parts from Kader, T-Funk, Jacopo , Tyson Peterson and more. A refreshing full-length in the era of short form videos. And we cannot forget SAMMY BACA, if you haven't seen his part in this video you must for real, shit is too good.

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