Street Memo: Miro Hoffmann Artist Spotlight

Street Memo: Miro Hoffmann Artist Spotlight

Street Memo: Miro Hoffmann Artist Spotlight

Words By: Stephen Serrano

Rarely is there a time in the skate and art communities that a person is truly legit in both worlds. Miro Hoffmann can skate for real, kick it with the OG homies, and has a Bachelors in the Fine Arts. A balance in life that's not easy.

From Miro's artwork you can tell he takes inspiration from a skaters point of view. A unique look at urban landscapes, and a commentary on socio-economic issues that takes looking at the world from a different perspective. Along with the size of his pieces giving these artistic statements tangibility.

Just an example, Miro's display for the Humidity X Miro collab board was mindblowing, transforming the skate shop boardwall into another world. Paying attention to detail while making a statement that everyone can appreciate. Below is the Miro Hoffmann Spotlight, enjoy.

Our Business Stinks But It's Picking Up, 2023

Miro popping the bench at Crescent

I Almost Got Hit By A Jacked Car on My Dog Walk, 2020

We Have Ice, 2023

The Great Deluge, 2023

Miro Hoffmann Official Artist Bio & Statement:

Miro Hoffmann is an emerging visual artist living and working in New Orleans, La. Hoffmann graduated from NOCCA Riverfront in 2009 and School Of the Museum of Fine Art Boston and Tufts University, earning a BFA in 2013. Hoffmann was a 2015 artist in residence at The Joan Mitchell Center in New Orleans and is currently represented by Lemieux Gallery.

Hoffmann’s body of work stems from the exploration of the term “food apartheid”. The paintings portray everyday scenes grounded in issues around climate change, resilience, breaking racial, social, economic boundaries, access to food and basic needs, and self-sustainability. I draw from personal experiences as well as historical references that thread together painting, light, film, architecture, and sculpture.

Miro's Instagram : @miroartnola

Miro's Website:

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